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If I won the lottery...

I've never really thought about it, but recently I started noticing those commercials on the radio on how a certain lottery divides their prize money so more people can win a certain amount. Like, instead of 1 person winning - say - $16 million, they've divided it so 16 people can each win $1million. Sounds good to me, right? (Aside from the fact there are personal reason I probably wouldn't spend my money on a lottery ticket.) Anyhoo, if I won the lottery, I would pay off the loan I took to buy my car, spend enough money to finish my apartment (yes, including the backyard), give my brother a certain amount to invest in his business, and put the rest on my savings account. Yes, you read that right: savings account. I wouldn't splurge; I'd use the money to pay those pesky medical bills that aren't covered by my health insurance company. And I'm pretty sure there will be plenty in the next 4, 5 years to come.


What's your problem?

I recently posted a YouTube video on butch lesbians and transmen:

A facebook “friend”, who I know has a soft spot for androgynous and butch women, was glad I had posted it, but was shocked Lucas Silveira had transitioned to male (using T). She also stated she misses butch lesbians.
I responded by saying the lesbian community needs them, too, but that the video lacked explanation on how being a butch lesbian is vastly different from being a transman. Her reply stunned me – not in a good way:

"well, problem is, there hardly is any difference anymore, because nowadays one can simply choose to become a man if one don't likes their womanshood, in other words: you don't have to be a (T-)man/boy anymore to become a full-grown guy, or so the theory goes."

I told her I disagreed with her, and to educate herself on this matter, and that there’s a huge difference between sexual orientation and gender: being a transman has nothing to do with not “liking” being a woman. I did ask her to clarify “you don’t have to be a transman anymore to become a full grown guy”, because I have no idea what she meant by that.
I guess I was just unpleasantly surprised, because I expected her to be more educated than that. Let’s hope she’s not completely ignorant, and that the video starts a dialogue. Maybe her English isn't proficient enough and she used the wrong words to convey her opinion.


I've found watching this video very inspiring, and I also like the fact that Wally De Backer (a Flemish guy who relocated to Australia in his teens) uses mattresses to sound proof his studio. It gave me a good idea how to use mine. (I'm not referring to the one I sleep on.)

I can't wait for the concert next month!


2011 in review

January: NYE in London, UK

February: got a convertible, Skunk Anansie concert

March: K's Choice concert

April: recorded first rough demo with Bad Monkeys

May: Canadian visitor in the Netherlands

June: TranScreen film festival, back to Toronto, ON, and Halifax, NS

July: The Trews and Texas concerts

August: Doctor Who exhibition in London, UK and Brighton Pride

September: my brother leaves London, UK

October: apart from another workshop at Gender Free Zone, a bit of an uneventful month

November: N8

December: Project Housey House


Looking forward

Personally, I'm not one to live up to a horoscope. The funny thing is that I get read it to me by a female friend more often than me actually reading one. Having said that, about once a year I check out what the coming year is supposedly having in store for me. This time, too.
Being born in (early) January 1975, I was born in the year of the Tiger - several days before the year of the Cat/Rabbit commenced. 2012 will be the year of the Dragon, and this is what Tigers can generally expect:

Tigers can expect the best. But they will have work for it. Dragon years are powerful and spectacular. Tigers who start new projects or are involved in old ones will prosper under the Dragon's influence. Business is good and gets better. Tiger luck is a readily available commodity. One thing to look out for. For Tigers in Dragon years, trusty old Cupid seems to have crawled under a rock to hibernate. There may be flings, one-night stands and hot dates. But they will be of the flash-in-the pants variety. Have children in Dragon years. Tiger parents are highly useful to gifted Dragon kids. Do not expect miracles this year. Keep a low profile. Prowl about behind the scenes. Gather info in secret. Apply elbow grease generously. And don't try to shine. The Dragon is in the driver's seat.

Well, another month has gone by, four more to go till the year on the waiting list is over and I can start my "project". I'm fine with Cupid prolonging hibernation (I'm still at a place where I see it as too much of a distraction) and I naturally keep a low profile. Not sure about elbow grease, though... In case you were wondering: the year of the dragon commences on January 23rd.


Cough-cough-cough... wheeze!

I got a full on Flu 2 weeks ago (so bad I actually had to call in sick) which in turn triggered my asthma. (Ack!) I missed 7 or 8 workouts, but I lost 2 lbs. Frankly, I had no idea how much weight I lost since May (next to trying to gain more muscle mass - which is extremely hard) until I put on a shirt I hadn't worn in several months. It was extremely snug then, but it's fine now (I have to work on losing belly fat).
You can probably tell from looking at the picture, I'm still not back to my old self, but tomorrow I'm going to try working out again. See how that goes and go from there...


Movember is here

Heh heh...

The Doctor Who Experience

I admit, I'm not a huge Doctor Who fan, and neither is my brother - as in: we don't watch the show religiously. I have heard of the Doctor Who
Experience, and was curious about it. Last Saturday my brother and I decided to check it out:

Let the experience begin, eh!


Young, but certainly not innocent

Generally, I'm not easily offended. Some people say the rudest things, and I often just shrug it off, knowing they're ignorant. My friends are offended in my stead.

Juvenile Court has a new intern, a young girl (turned 18 about 2 weeks ago). She seems to pick up new things quickly, but interestingly enough I am not the only one who thinks that girl ought to stop thinking she knows it all. And just because she now interns at Juvy Court doesn't mean she's "all that" and everyone else is below her. Seriously, that's the impression I - and 2 other coworkers -  have after worked 3 days with her.
I always give young people a break, because they still have a lot to learn. However, this girl has already managed to get a strike against her in my book (and I later found out, in the books of the 2 aforementioned coworkers, too - but for different reasons). Because I share office space with three women who all work part time, management's decided to place the intern in my office. When none of my coworkers are present, I am the go-to person. (I'm alright with that: when I'm not present there are two people who take over my duties.) What happened was that Wednesday happened to be one of those days where none of my coworkers were present, and the intern had a question. I was running (I am the only one who literally runs through the hallways, which has earned me some complaints by Judges. Well, they can't complain they have to wait long in order to get the files they requested, eh?) some files to different Judges, and when I came back I saw her head peep around the corner of the door frame. I was still halfway the corridor, thinking there was an important phone call, so I sprint to the office. When I get there, the intern's response was: "So, you finally get a little exercise."
Excuse you?
I told her not to worry about exercise, that I probably got more of that than her skinny ass.
Who is she to judge me like that? I told my coworker, and she could not believe the intern had said that (she knows I work out 3 or 4 times a week).
I may be twice her age (I'm talking about the intern), but put me in a boxing ring - I'll even give her the advantage of allowing her to wear boxing gloves, while I'll only tape up my knuckles and feet - and I'm pretty sure she won't last 2 minutes. Trust me: I felt like punching her in the gut.

Brighton, UK, in pictures.

Last Saturday, Arnold and I decided to hop a train to Brighton (about an hour away from London, UK). The closer we got to the coastal city, the sunnier it became. Needless to say, we were very glad we picked that day.
When we got to Brighton train station, we were directed out, which my brother and I found strange; it made us wonder what was going on. We found out soon enough: gay pride! That also explained why the train was packed with gays and lesbians *facepalm*

We checked out a little stretch of beach to kill time before the parade started. Arnold was looking for gems, and I was snapping some pics - including the one above.

Arnold and I had fun watching the parade, people (and their pets) and enjoyed the sunshine, too. It was a short parade, but a nice one. When it was over, I noticed I was hungry (I had a small breakfast). Arnold knew of a place and we walked to it: my brother is currently dating a (Dutch) girl and took her to Brighton for a few days before I came over. It was obvious he was familiar with the surroundings, so I totally trusted on him to show me all the good places. I like the fact that Brighton is small and compact, and everything is within walking distance.
My brother took me to a little health food place (he said he spotted body builders who went to the place for their (proteine) shakes). Lunch was fresh and delicious!

My brother knew of a place where they have pedis with fishes, so I decided that was our next stop. It was an interesting experience! I'm glad my brother warned me to not take my feet out the tank once the little fish start nibbling away: it tickles. I opted for a 20-minute-pedi (time flew by!), after which our feet got a quick shower, and we were given some citrus smelling lotion to rub into them. I can't remember my feet being so smooth ever - like a baby's bum.

After walking around the narrow streets, Arnold took me to a little place called "Naked" for some delicious tea. It's one of those places that locals know of, but tourists walk by. I had excellent rose tea with a slice of freshly baked slice of apple walnut pie. My brother had some kind of tea emperors in the olden days used to drink - with a bag of crisps. Then it was off for more exploring.

Kemp Town (a little neighborhood) aka Camp Town started to the right of that building. No surprise, eh?
Arnold and I actually found an Indonesian restaurant! I'm not sure why it's called "Shop seven" - "Resto seven" would have made more sense to me. I liked the little bilingual sign that said they were closed (tutup - open is "buka").

You know how time flies when you're having fun. That Saturday flew by like a little breeze! Before we knew it, it was time for dinner. I mentioned a place called Terre a Terre before flying out to London, UK, and he said he had several meals there (it's his favorite restaurant in Brighton - and now it's mine, too) so it wouldn't be a problem to take me there for a bite.
He recommended the tapas, which we shared. The food was absolutely delicious! As was the cocktails: I had a Salty Dog, my brother had a Raspberry Kir.